My First Time using Emmet in Sublime Text 2


I have just used emmet for my Sublime text 2. I am using windows 7 32 bit here.

This is the step:
How to Install :

(Remember! when you used sublime text 3, the command is different from sublime text 2. See here for the command in sublime text 3: )

Somehow, there is a problem. My tab doesn’t work when i using emmet command. So i have read many articles and i found it doesn’t work because my pyv8 binary is failed to download. Perhaps because i use proxy.. perhaps (see here: . So, i just downloaded and installed it manually : see here :

Then finish!

Emmet made me amaze because : i just type in my html page :

and you can see the magic!!

Gotcha !!!

FYI, if you want to enhance sublime text ability, you can see it here :

(additional links :


#1 Day. Learning Basic HTML

#1st Day

1. Learning basic HTML please see :

This is good article for anyone who wants to be web designer but have no chance to go to design school for some reasons.

Thanx for anyone who give the lesson. Knowledge must be spread.

Choose path

Well well.. thanx to God that my program for my office is finished. After doing some project with Laravel 3 and twitter bootstrap, Now i know where i should Go.
Work in one office where i should be an IT Staff with many stuff should do. Website handle in one person, IT support in one person and event handling office asset also in one person. I need to go deeper. To choose my path. After thinking for a while , well then..

I choose to be a website designer or Front End Developer. I think i like it more than code.
What should i do..
I have read many articles and i just think:
First i should do learning how to draw. So perhaps, i would take my drawing course in December for 3 months.
And, i will enhance my HTML and CSS. I’m gonna learn that stuff from the beginning again hahahhaha….

I like many things actually. I like to sing, play piano, listen to music, save good picture in any website in this world (most of them are facebook) , adore with some word, and read books and then i forget where i am, i like to communicate with my besfriend also, etc. Then in my confuseness, i just take some test for knowing my personality, and it said that i am a right brain. So if i believe, that’s explain why i like above things i said before and become weird among my people.

I wish this is the right path. I want to play with colours, with html, with css . I want to be web painter.
A picasso or van Gogh or Albert Einstein in a web design . May I ??

I don’t know, but i feel i’ll love it. Soo… let’s paint the www hahhahaha 😀

May Allah bless me.

Gutten morgennn.. ^^

WordPress Slider Plugin

Hello All

I wanna create private blog for my company using wordpress. I think this is quite interesting.

I wanna use this theme:
and also this theme

And right now, i wanna find good slider for the theme above.

There area 3 candidates so far:
1. Smart Slider :
2. Wow Slider :
3. Soliloquy

3 of them are 3 free plugin slider. Anyway, you can buy premium slider if you want, such as:
1. Soliloquy Premium :
2. Still looking for 😀

And this one is shortcode plugin:

Have fun and gut daaaay…. !!!

6 Basic Principles Design

6 Basic Technical Principles in Design you have to know to master Design

1. Line

You can mastering line by make 2 exercise line everyday.

a. make straight line. Repeat on the same line for 8 times. if the line is still not the same, you have to create it again.
Practice until you can do make 1 single line for 8 times at the same line
b. make line like this (transition curve) . Repeat it for 8 times everyday. If you can make this line for 8 times at the same line and it looks like single line, you are success. (like number one)

2. Composition

3. Direction

4. Coloring

5. Lightning

6. Value (Intensity)

Beyond that , there is another Principle Design : Attitude

Source: Xin Jun Long, CEO @Adobecamp 2013, Jakarta Indonesia

What i want to read later

What i want to read later . These are the lists :

About Drop down in laravel and Eloquent ORM

Free Topic
1. Female Web Designer
2. Students Web design Guide
3. School for Design :

A fine site