6 Basic Principles Design

6 Basic Technical Principles in Design you have to know to master Design

1. Line

You can mastering line by make 2 exercise line everyday.

a. make straight line. Repeat on the same line for 8 times. if the line is still not the same, you have to create it again.
Practice until you can do make 1 single line for 8 times at the same line
b. make line like this (transition curve) http://www.fourhourworkweek.com/blog/2008/10/03/harnessing-entrepreneurial-manic-depression-making-the-rollercoaster-work-for-you/ . Repeat it for 8 times everyday. If you can make this line for 8 times at the same line and it looks like single line, you are success. (like number one)

2. Composition

3. Direction

4. Coloring

5. Lightning

6. Value (Intensity)

Beyond that , there is another Principle Design : Attitude

Source: Xin Jun Long, CEO Jotterpro.com @Adobecamp 2013, Jakarta Indonesia


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