Choose path

Well well.. thanx to God that my program for my office is finished. After doing some project with Laravel 3 and twitter bootstrap, Now i know where i should Go.
Work in one office where i should be an IT Staff with many stuff should do. Website handle in one person, IT support in one person and event handling office asset also in one person. I need to go deeper. To choose my path. After thinking for a while , well then..

I choose to be a website designer or Front End Developer. I think i like it more than code.
What should i do..
I have read many articles and i just think:
First i should do learning how to draw. So perhaps, i would take my drawing course in December for 3 months.
And, i will enhance my HTML and CSS. I’m gonna learn that stuff from the beginning again hahahhaha….

I like many things actually. I like to sing, play piano, listen to music, save good picture in any website in this world (most of them are facebook) , adore with some word, and read books and then i forget where i am, i like to communicate with my besfriend also, etc. Then in my confuseness, i just take some test for knowing my personality, and it said that i am a right brain. So if i believe, that’s explain why i like above things i said before and become weird among my people.

I wish this is the right path. I want to play with colours, with html, with css . I want to be web painter.
A picasso or van Gogh or Albert Einstein in a web design . May I ??

I don’t know, but i feel i’ll love it. Soo… let’s paint the www hahhahaha 😀

May Allah bless me.

Gutten morgennn.. ^^


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