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My First Time using Emmet in Sublime Text 2


I have just used emmet for my Sublime text 2. I am using windows 7 32 bit here.

This is the step:
How to Install :

(Remember! when you used sublime text 3, the command is different from sublime text 2. See here for the command in sublime text 3: )

Somehow, there is a problem. My tab doesn’t work when i using emmet command. So i have read many articles and i found it doesn’t work because my pyv8 binary is failed to download. Perhaps because i use proxy.. perhaps (see here: . So, i just downloaded and installed it manually : see here :

Then finish!

Emmet made me amaze because : i just type in my html page :

and you can see the magic!!

Gotcha !!!

FYI, if you want to enhance sublime text ability, you can see it here :

(additional links :